Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief – As a hydration mask

In another blog, i mentioned this moisturizer and i gave it a rather low rating.  Recently, i have also discovered another use of this gel, which is to use it as a mask.… Continue reading

Optical Eyewear – Style and Suiting!

Sunglasses have long been a fashion item in society. With crazy frames and vivid colors, sunglasses add an edge to style. What about optical frames? Yes, there’s the traditional metal framed glasses, but… Continue reading

“IT” Items – Men’s Sneakers

In today’s society, more men are willing to spend their money on luxury labels and products, thus designers are beginning to expand their men’s collections.  Yes. The fashion industry is still primarily aimed… Continue reading

A daily skin regime – Healthy or Not?

These days, many men adapt a daily skin care regime into their life, and at times with rather complex steps.  Appearance is undoubtedly a big factor in society these days, go out looking… Continue reading

Shiseido Men’s Skincare Line

Shiseido, established in 1872, is one of the leading skincare labels in the world.  As the years have gone by, men have become more aware of their appearance, and like wise skin care.… Continue reading

“IT” Items – Louis Vuitton and D&G wallet.

I haven’t been impressed by LV’s men’s wallets in a while, but randomly, i’ve stumbled upon one that looks rather decent! The LV tanon wallet looks very nice indeed! Besides their EPI leather… Continue reading

The styled Lawyer

Bastards. Closed mind. Narrow minded. Boastful. Arrogant. Terms that we immediately think of when the word “lawyer” comes to mind.  we also imagine the wig, the robe, “old age”, and the usual black… Continue reading

L’oreal Paris Expert Series – Instant Clear Anti Dandruff

Dandruff is really the nightmare of many women, AND MEN! Some people have it for weeks, some months, and some years!!  It seems to cling on to you, and never let go! So,… Continue reading

“IT” Items- Sunglasses

A-morir. American. Whacked. Unique. Stylish. Fashionable. Supreme If you like feather/fur and eyewear, then here’s your pair!  To me, it looks like cats eye! It’s unique i must say… Roth Embedded with Swarovski… Continue reading

Sleep and Skin Complexion

Just a quick note on sleep and skin care! Last night, i couldn’t sleep till 3am and i had to wake at 8am. From my usual 10+ hour sleep to 5 hours or… Continue reading

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