Jeremy Scott – Pony Slim Shoes

I finally got these a month or so ago!!!  I think they’re amazing… but i do get stares. A lot of stares. Someone told me that i killed a pony to wear these… Continue reading


its been quite a while since i wrote something!!! I got bored…ok. and im taking a 5 min break from study. so here is something i bought today. Ill write up something about… Continue reading

Take your best shot!

“if you can’t take it down with your best shot, then you just gotta toughen up and live with it!” “persistant pursuance on a dream will not necessarily achieve it. it only means… Continue reading

Guerlain : Creme Camphrea UPDATE*

The creme is notably an astringent, and therefore some people will react to it harshly.  It’s doing fine on my skin, however my mom’s skin has reacted differently.  Her skin is notably drier… Continue reading

Time flies in the bathroom!

What feels like a 10 or so minute job turns out to be an hour or so some times!! Shower, then skin care could really use up your precious time! So, is it… Continue reading

Guerlain: Creme Camphrea

Pimple creams pop up in nearly every skin care label, and most of the time they don’t work.  They all contain pretty much the same ingredient, Salicylic Acid and others too.  Really, they’re… Continue reading

Britain’s greatest talent – The multiple faced woman!

Lauryn, the annoying co-worker, the woman that knows all, and the infamous Donna Noble.  All these fantastic characters played by the one and only Catherine Tate. Born in 1986, the English actress has… Continue reading

Chanel HYDRA Beauty Range

 Classic leather ware that every girl wants, and their long reigning parfums, Chanel is one of the top designers in the world.  Their new skincare range, Hydra Beauty promotes intense hydration, whilst protecting… Continue reading

What’s your bathroom like???

It’s not that bad!! Seriously, people have told me i’ve got more stuff than girls!! BTW here’s my favourite range! the Armani Skin Minerals!!

GATSBY – Moving Rubber Series

These days, it’s rare to not have an asian friend.  It’s also rarer to find an asian who doesn’t know what Gatsby is~!  Several years ago, everyone was comparing different hair styling products… Continue reading

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