Doctor Who S7 Ep.5 – The Angels Take Manhattan :SPOILERS

FINALLY. A glimpse of what Doctor Who should be like!! This episode brought back the fearful angels, whom have relentlessly troubled the Doctor and his companion/s  throughout their adventures.

There was a fear factor. Which is a good start. The plot was better than previous episodes of S7, but not as well developed as it could have been. Again, if this episode and the Power of 3 were made into 2-parters, this series would have been a WHOLE LOT better!

The exit of the Ponds has been known for quite a while. To me, this is quite a spoiler that should have NOT been announced. The ending was somehow spoiled because of it.   Where AMY and RORY jump of the building, it wasn’t as heart wrenching as it should have been.  The final bit, however where Amy says “Raggedy Man, Goodbye” – now that is the moment of tears. Karen and Matt seemed so natural that the whole scene was nothing but realistic.  This places Amy in the same category as Donna and Rose, where it was the natural and realistic acting that enhanced the mood. Despite there being issues with the plot development in the four previous episodes, this episode reignites the Doctor Who feel. A rather good ending i suppose.

If the four previous episodes had something to link with the final episode, then this whole series could have actually topped Rose or Donna’s exit.  Unfortunately, Series 7 only had episode 5 to rely on for the dramatic exit.  Donna and Rose had excellent episodes behind them, allowing them to exit in a more heart breaking moment. It’s not to say that series 5 and 6 were bad. In fact, those were absolutely fantastic! It was the downfall of Series 7 Ep.1-4 that broke the chain of success and build up to the finale.

The death of Amy and Rory was somehow, however a bit unoriginal.  I personally would have favored an alternate ending, where Amy and Rory were separated in time; forever alone, destined to never see one another again. If this was the ending, then hearts would have been truly broken; a tear may actually fall from me if such ending was produced. It would have been an all time historical exit, emotionally stronger than Rose and the doctor.