4 Mores Hours to the destruction OR Reignition of Doctor Who.

Series 7 of Doctor Who

Great Cast. Great scenery. Terrible plots.

Since the revival of Doctor Who with Chris and Billie Piper, this show has been my all time favorite; being watched at least twice a week at home. Rose’s storyline was rather romantic and adventurous; Donna Noble was more comedic and friendship. The Ponds were more about adventure, something that was more targeted for the younger audience.

 If series 7 is anything to go by, it would be described as a child’s written story; lacks depth. The original cast of  Smith, Darvill and Gillan should have brought back the adventurous feel to Doctor Who. Unfortunately, the first four episodes were nothing but shallow.

Every episode had a good starting plot to begin with (besides  dinosaurs on a spaceship). However, a good starting point does not mean it will definitely evolve into a fantastic episode. Each episode had a slight “movie” feel in it, however the lack of plot development turned the episodes into “individual” stories that would not connect with one another.

If these episodes were filmed in two parts, the plot and characters would have had a greater development; consequently achieving more depth and understanding in the story.

Episode 5 – Weeping Angels. How will this episode fare against the four other disappointing episodes? I hope it will reignite the Doctor Who feel, providing us with yet another fantastic exit. If not, then this series may go down in history, as the worst produced series of Doctor Who.