Worst Doctor Who characters

1. Martha … whatever her last name is.

I hated that character with a passion. Rose Tyler gave the show the moment of fame it needed to reignite, and thanks to Martha the story went downhill. Thankfully, Donna noble saved it. Freema or whatever her name is has one expression throughout the whole season. whether shes happy, excited, all lovey dovey, sad, crying, smiling, her face looks the bloody same. A show ruiner. Every other cast was perfect in acting. So to bring in Freema seemed like a dumb move. Her storyline was nothing special. Rose’s story was the romantic build up. Donna’s was comedy. The Pond’s were adventure. Martha on the other hand, was a stiff face. Thats all i got. Her exit was horrible, only made me want her to die and never come back as a companion, ever again! That was one exit i was happy to watch!

2. Christoper Eccleston

Over dramatic, facial expressions didnt compliment Rose well. Not the best doctor selection. However, i believe that this really gave David Tenant the boost he needed. David’s first episode was strong, not a smack to the face and WOW, but it was non the less strong. Chris however was very…. boring and stone age feel. Although he tried his best with his facial expressions, he should keep a stiff face. It’ll look better than freeman’s any day.