Top 5 Doctor Who Companions

Limiting myself to 5 companions, it’ll be tough to choose which of the many clinched the top 5 spots!

5. Captain Jack Harkness aka John Barrowman

4. River Song aka Alex Kingston

3. The Ponds aka Karren Gillan & Arthur Darvill

2. Donna Noble aka Catherine Tate

1. Rose Tyler aka Billie Piper

5. Jack Harkness was just a pleasure to watch. 4. River provided us with a different sense of sex appeal. The mature age kind?! No? Well her dramatic entrances and exits are always a joy to watch!

Now, more for the top 3.

3. The Ponds!

Amy was near the top of my most hated companions at the start. Having replaced my favourite companion Donna Noble, i found her Scottish accent annoying. However, it was only after “Crash of the Byzantium” that you really notice the difference in Amy. That is when we really get a sense of her development and maturing as a character. Although it would seem that both Amy and Rory aren’t fully mature in their first season, Crash of the Byzantium was the beginning of my interest in the Pond Saga.  The following season, both Amy and Rory really bonded with the whole Doctor Who feel. They seemed like the perfect fit, the perfect replacement for Donna Noble.

2. Donna Noble

My favourite companion of all time. I have raved about Catherine in a previous post, about her ability to change emotions so seamlessly. She really is Britain’s gem in acting. The episode that really stands out is Fires of Pompeii. (is that the episode name?) Watching the episode, Donna’s personality shines on various levels of perfection. Her dramatic personality when captured by the Sybilline Sisterhood; her comedic side at the very beginning; serious and tense moments when Lucius and Evelina see through the Doctor and Donna; and her sympathy and sorrow emotions shown in the final minutes of the episode.  In one episode, we see multiple sides of Donna.  A classic example of talent and greatness! Her exit was painful (for me). Again, blended with perfection in acting, it is a scene that one cannot forget.  The reason she is at #2 is due to her lack of seasons. Had she been in one more season, the last scene of Donna would have been more heart breaking. Fans would’ve had a more in depth connection with Donna.

1. Rose Tyler

Rose was pretty much perfect from the beginning. Her personality, but also sexual charm brought the show back to life.  Add her and David Tennant together, their chemistry brewed into a fantastic story.  Her exit was extremely depressing. AGAIN it was the acting that really broke the hearts of fans. Although it was nice that she got a Doctor with one heart in the end; if the story had been left at Bad Wolf Bay and that she didnt travel across parallel universes, her exit would have been much better.

Sorry this is written very quickly, so grammatically it’s pretty shit! But seriously, we have 3 more days before the exit of the Ponds! No time to waste is there?!