Chanel MOUSSE DOUCHEUR rinse of foaming cleanser vs Giorgio Armani Skin Minerals cream cleanser

After trying both products for an extensive period, there is clearly one better product for my skin.  Both Chanel and Armani have blossomed in the skin care world; each label having their own loyal customers.  For me, i like to be loyal to a product that works, not the label itself.

Both Cleansers are the same price; $50~ AUD.   Same size; 150mL.  Foams up the same.

The Chanel Mousse Doucheur cleans well. It smells like soap, not fragrance which was disappointing.  Even though the soap is fragrance itself, it smelt like a bar of soap. After cleansing, skin is squeaky clean. Too dry and complexion is rather dull.  Although it cleans well, it doesn’t raise eyebrows in other aspects.

The Giorgio Armani Skin Minerals cleansed just as well.  It smells rather unique and masculine, giving it brownie points against Chanel.  After cleansing, skin is smooth clean.  Skin doesn’t feel dry (just right) and complexion is much brighter.

Everyone’s skin reacts differently, and these were the results for me.

Armani vs Chanel – 9 : 6.5