Guild Wars 2: Heroes Among Us [HAU] – Crystal Desert

Guys!! Guild wars two just got released and it’s time to find a guild!!

We are a growing guild called : Heroes among us [HAU] and are based in CRYSTAL DESERT

Currently we have players from the US and Oceania regions, and we’re looking to expand our networks!! All our members are friendly and helpful!! We will be playing PvE, PvP and WvW.

We also have a forum so check it out!!!      <–>

Whether you’re new or not to Guild Wars Two, we welcome you to join!!

Just message me on Guild Wars 2: Busta Va Lor

Or if you can’t reach me there, message me on skype: bvl.92 – make sure you write a message that you wanna join the guild/go to the forum and ask!

Look forward to meeting and seeing all of you in GW2!