Guerlain : Creme Camphrea UPDATE*

The creme is notably an astringent, and therefore some people will react to it harshly.  It’s doing fine on my skin, however my mom’s skin has reacted differently.  Her skin is notably drier and sort of flaky, especially near the eye area and lower cheeks.  My mom’s skin is normal/dry, and mine is combination.

On another note, the creme camphrea also did nothing for my mom’s skin.  Her pimples just didn’t go down, and instead turned a bit black.  However, for me, once i felt a pimple coming, i applied the creme and two days later it was nearly gone. So it reacts differently to everyones skin.

My rating still stands at 9/10, however my mom has rated it a 2/10. It does nothing for her skin, and has caused her problems.