Time flies in the bathroom!

What feels like a 10 or so minute job turns out to be an hour or so some times!! Shower, then skin care could really use up your precious time! So, is it really necessary to stay in the bathroom for such an extensive length of time??


 Ok. So everybody knows that a shower is not only used for cleaning, but a place where you can think of the most bizarre scenarios in your head without distraction, or a place of deep thinking.  Shampoo and conditioning themselves take about 6 minutes, 3 minutes each on the scalp.  For those whom leave it on for about 30 seconds, there really is no benefit from it besides washing off hair product. For the shine/anti-dandruff/etc effects, you must leave it on for about 2 minutes or so.

Then there’s body wash, which takes about 2 minutes. For a normal shower, 10 minutes of your time is already dedicated to products.  I usually spend another 10 minutes in there doing nothing, just relaxing and thinking.  Seriously, everyone does that… right??

Time:  ~20minutes

Skin Care

The time taken for this step is variable, as to what i need to use on that particular day.  For an everyday regime, it consists of:

Cleanse/Scrub (twice a week) : 2-3min

Toner : 30sec

Eye : 30sec 

Serum : 30sec

Moisturizer : 30sec

 Hand : 30sec

Imperfection fixing i.e. anti blemishing creams etc : 5-10minutes 

For a normal day, that mans about 1/2 an hour is spent in the bathroom.  Some people i know take 5 minutes, and some i know take an hour. So really, i’m in between on a normal day.  However, when i need to use extra products, the length really changes.

On a moisture mask day, it adds about 10 minutes of time to the regime.  A total time in the bathroom for a moisture mask day would be about 40 minutes.

After cleansing, i use a clay mask twice a week.  The clay mask itself takes about 10-15 minutes.  On a clay mask day, the time spent in the bathroom increases to 40-45 minutes.

Is it really necessary to spend such a long time in the bathroom?? For me, not really, but i like it in there. I could do the masking step outside of the bathroom, but then i’d have to go back in and wash it off. Even if i did go out of the bathroom, i would still need at least 30 minutes in the shower to finish up a daily regime!!

How long do you spend in the bathroom?