Guerlain: Creme Camphrea

Pimple creams pop up in nearly every skin care label, and most of the time they don’t work.  They all contain pretty much the same ingredient, Salicylic Acid and others too.  Really, they’re used for mental reassurance; that you’ve done all you can to get rid of the pimple. Waste of $30 or so dollars might i say! Not only does it sting your face when your pimples are broken, it leaves the spot feeling rather sticky at times!  So it stings, feels sticky and doesn’t do it’s job.  Might as well go buy a Clearasil one then.

Guerlain is a french perfume house, and it is one of the longest reigning in the world. Founded in 1828, over 300 perfumes have been created, along with extending their products in skincare and makeup.

Advertisements that state “miracle creams” should also be avoided.  There really isn’t such a cream that performs miraculous results…is there?? Guerlain have boastingly stated that their Creme Camphrea is unrivalled, when it comes to prevent, dry out and hide imperfections caused by an excess of sebum; including pimples, scars(blemishes) and large pores.  It is astringent in nature and the texture is a thick salmon colored cream, that acts as a concealer and healer. Dab it on pimples, or rub it into problematic areas for an amazing treatment.

That simple?  Actually, yes. It is that simple! Its not only simple people, its actually effective! A small dab of this cream onto upcoming pimples, and in a day or two you won’t feel it anymore!! For those pimples that have tortured you for a week or two, it may take three to five days before it is fully gone.  Blemishes are color imperfections on the skin, caused by pimples.  After application of this cream for about 3-4 days(day and night), some blemishes have actually lightened up!!

Seriously, this cream is THE SHIT! I’m actually amazed and dazzled by the results.  Pores have also been tightened, and oil product is noticeably less!! As a bonus, it cover’s up your blemishes during the day, and trust me, men don’t want to look like they’re wearing makeup. This cream conceals, and looks incredibly natural (if you dab it in perfectly).

Besides a daily use, i would recommend consumers to use a moisture/hydrating mask twice a week, along with the Cream Camphrea.  Rub a layer of the cream onto problematic areas, and then use a thick layer of hydrating cream over it. My mom uses the Guerlain Super Aqua mask, and i use the Clinique moisture surge as a mask.  The mask provides intensive hydration, and at the same time takes the cream camphrea deep into the skin, providing better results.  After 10-15 minutes, if excessive moisture is still visible, use a cotton pad and pat your face dry…. or you could just let more moisture sink in your face.

@$59AUD/15mL the creme doesn’t come cheap, however i’ve heard it lasts quite a while.  If positive results are persistent, then it is worth the $60.

Rating: 9/10