Britain’s greatest talent – The multiple faced woman!

Lauryn, the annoying co-worker, the woman that knows all, and the infamous Donna Noble.  All these fantastic characters played by the one and only Catherine Tate.

Born in 1986, the English actress has won several awards for her show: “The Catherine Tate Show”.  When you talk talent, you really can’t skip Tate.  Her ability to change her emotions in such manner is just fantastic! Take a look at her in Doctor Who (2008), Planet of the Ood.  The scene where she listens to the Ood’s captive song shows her true ability to change a characters personality in an instance.

Another instance in Doctor Who, The Firesof Pompeii, where she shows various emotions throughout the whole episode.

The only comparable actor in Doctor Who to Tate is David Tenant.  To pair these two as the doctor and his companion was a fantastic idea! Their acting abilities really shine throughout the whole series, each episode showing their abilities in acting.  What of Tate in “The Catherine Tate Show?” Each character is played by Tate herself, and the different personalities are rather different from one another.

Seeing Tate change from one character to another was truly an amazing experience.  Undoubtedly, she is one of the most talented actresses in the world!