GATSBY – Moving Rubber Series

These days, it’s rare to not have an asian friend.  It’s also rarer to find an asian who doesn’t know what Gatsby is~!  Several years ago, everyone was comparing different hair styling products they used; in Adelaide, you only had Garnier, or some Salon gels; not a large variety.  But these days, everyone (mainly asians) compares Gatsby! So what is Gatsby?

Gatsby is a japanese label that specialises in men’s hair styling products.  Throughout the years, Gatsby have extended their lines to body and facial care as well.  However, they still specialise primarily in hair products.

The most popular line in their hair products would be the MOVING RUBBER series.  There are 7 products in this line, however not all are available in every country.

They retail at about $~10AUD or $~60HKD.  I’ve tried the purple, grey and pink tubs, and now my everyday rubber is the purple tub!