Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief – As a hydration mask

In another blog, i mentioned this moisturizer and i gave it a rather low rating.  Recently, i have also discovered another use of this gel, which is to use it as a mask.  Instead of purchasing sheets of masks, sometimes 6 packs costing over $100, another method is to drench yourself with this mask for about 5 minutes or so, and then wipe of any excessive gel.  As a gel that claims to hydrate the skin, the mask should be used only once a week, so that the skin wont be over hydrated.

Intense hydration is the claim of clinique. As with all masks, the main goal is to provide extra hydration.  I tried this last night, and after using it as a mask, it left my skin rather sticky. Personally, i don’t like this moisturizer, however i was urged to try it as a mask.  Results were not satisfying for me, however my mom rather likes it as a mask.  She finds that her skin is extremely smooth after 5 minutes of using it as a mask.

Rating from me would be rather low, however my mom rates it a 7/10.  A 50mL of this gel costs $75AUD, which to me is rather ridiculous, considering it’s Clinique.  Chanel and Armani cost more, however they have a designer label behind it.  Clinique is just a skincare label. The Hydra range of Chanel is not overly expensive (although costing more than $75AUD), however i would rather spend $100 on Chanel’s Hydra Gel, than $75 on Clinique’s moisture surge.