Optical Eyewear – Style and Suiting!

Sunglasses have long been a fashion item in society. With crazy frames and vivid colors, sunglasses add an edge to style. What about optical frames? Yes, there’s the traditional metal framed glasses, but thats just a bit boring don’t you think?

Although optical eyewear doesn’t bring the eccentric look sunglasses may, they still give a sense of style. Some brands are rather simplistic whilst others like to bring out the color in one’s look!

Men’s frames are generally less edgy and colorful than womens. Women get all the extra bits in glasses that give the WOW factor!

MENS: The frames are rather similar, except for the difference in shape. There aren’t any extra pieces, such as studs or pearls to give it that boosting factor. Thus, color, material and pattern play a big part in style and differentiation.



GUCCI 1008


GUCCI 1005 (wearing now)

WOMENS: Most of women’s frames are more expensive than mens, all due to the extra bits and pieces added on. With a bigger variety in shape, color and style, women generally have it easier, when it comes to finding a suitable pair of glasses.



CHRISTIAN DIOR 3228 (favourite)


So, with a big range of glasses, how does one find a suitable pair for their face? Everyone has a different face, whether it be shape or complexion. In general, there are four different facial shapes; oval, square, round & heart.

OVAL: Lucky you! The face that suits all! (or most) A narrow jaw line and forehead, with the chin being narrower than the forehead!

SQUARE: Everything is pretty much proportional. Chin, forehead, prominent jaw line. To soften out the squareness, oval or round frames would be your preference, i.e Cat eye frame

ROUND: A face that has equal width and length, but with some edge and curves. To bring out a sharper face, choose angular frames, i.e. Rectangular frame

HEART: A wide forehead, narrow jawline and high cheekbones! A much more difficult shape to fit, therefore just go to your optical store and try on everything!

For me, i’m an oval shape. Phew! Now i get to choose nearly any style! However, Oakley have never looked good on me! Maybe thats something you should steer away from!

What about you? What’s your face shape and favourite frame?