“IT” Items – Men’s Sneakers

In today’s society, more men are willing to spend their money on luxury labels and products, thus designers are beginning to expand their men’s collections.  Yes. The fashion industry is still primarily aimed towards women, and arguably, it will stay like this for a very long time!

What about the men whom like to dress fashionably? Should they start wearing dresses and heels, just because men’s collections are so limited? Looking at society, the answer is No. A man wearing dresses and heels? Save it for the drags.

So for the men, sneakers you say. Nike? Adidas? Yes. The usual street wear many men are accustomed to. What about… Louboutins? Pierre Hardys? Well, take a look some “IT” sneakers, that i’m sure many men would love to stroll around in!

1. Kris Van Assche Lace up Calf Skin sneakers

Signature? The laces and zip. With all KVA sneakers, the laces are always up to the top of the tongue, and a back zip closure for easy wear. Although simple in color, the laces and zip add that style of fashion into it… So i guess you shouldnt be touching the laces then…right?

2. Lanvin Snake Skin High Top Sneakers

There is very little difference between Lanvin’s High top sneakers, besides the different colors, print and material. What about this pair? Snake skin! Well either the skin was dyed…or the snake was deadly venomous!

The color contrast with the white pattern makes the standalone piece look exotic and stylish Attention seekers? Here’s your sneaker!

3. Rick Owens Two Tone Boxer Calf Skin Sneaker

With Owen’s signature overly large tongue, the contrast in black and white (and the inner side zip) makes it easy for styling and wearing! Put a pair of jeans on and your done! Another sneaker that’ll suit your fashion needs? I think so!

4. Pierre Balmain – Multistrap hightop leather sneakers

The simplicity of Balmain reaches out to me every single time. Crafted with luxurious sheep skin, this soft sneaker is bound to be the most comfortable sneaker ever. With velcro straps and a back zip closure, it ensures comfortable and easy wearing! Want to look fashionable and comfortable, but not attention seeking? Balmain for you!

5. Christian Louboutin – Rantus Men’s Flats

Christian Louboutin, the French label with the signature red sole. Craftmanship? Beyond superb! Uniqueness? A red sole – err Definitely!

The Rantus? The colors compliment one another so well that it makes it so much easier for styling! Men who like fashion, but not over the top (i.e studs and spikes)? This is an item you’d want in your closet!

5 shoes. Not a lot. But these are just some of the “IT” shoes for a fashionable man. Cost? Well over the normal sneakers. Worth it? That depends on your needs. However, i can tell you.  Walking around in a pair of these will surely set you in a different legion of style! For me? I like to be unique. Something like the following shoe would suit my needs and style.

Note: all images are property of Lanvin, Pierre Balmain, Christian Louboutin, Kris Van Assche and Rick Owens.