A daily skin regime – Healthy or Not?

These days, many men adapt a daily skin care regime into their life, and at times with rather complex steps.  Appearance is undoubtedly a big factor in society these days, go out looking rather shabby and you might get a few stares.  Therefore, dress nicely and casually.  For those whom like some attention, go wild like Jeremy Scott or Gareth Pugh.  Outerwear is a big factor when fixing up your appearance, but skin complexion is also important.  Girls wear make up to look pretty, and at times look like another person.  Make up hides the imperfections of natural skin, however men are not stereotyped to look plastic.  What should a man do, to then feel just as secure and comfortable with their skin and appearance?

Men’s skin are generally oilier, thicker and contain denser collagen; therefore different products are required when comparing to women.  When correct and appropriate products are used, a man’s skin will benefit greatly.  Complexion is generally improved, skin looking more radiant and fresh.

What if, after a big night out and you forget to end your night with your skin care regime? Many people may just leave it till the next morning to start their skin care regime again, however like me, many are still hungover and really “CBF” cleaning.  When my body passes the hangover, and reality starts to return to sense, a wave of fear crashes into my thoughts; “My skin isn’t clean. F*** it looks shit!”

Having adapted into a daily skin care regime, i start my day by thoroughly completing my multi-step regime.  Where i miss a regime, my heart starts beating and hands start sweating.  “My skin must look real shit!”  Missing this step in the morning, is as if a girl who wears makeup daily, forgets to cake her face up.  By forgetting or skipping that specific regime in the day, many people immediately lose their confidence and feel as if they look bad.

Modern society has set a much higher standard in appearance compared to the past, a standard thats so grossly overset that it applies psychological pressure on humans.  When we don’t look our best, or don’t follow a daily step to achieve better appearance, we unwillingly feel pressured.  We feel that we haven’t done enough to satisfy our appearance, and subsequently not enough to satisfy society.  Although it may be healthy for our skin to have a daily skin regime, psychologically it may not.

Have you ever missed a regime and felt as if the whole looked down upon you? I sure have!