Shiseido Men’s Skincare Line

Shiseido, established in 1872, is one of the leading skincare labels in the world.  As the years have gone by, men have become more aware of their appearance, and like wise skin care. Shiseido have released two different skin care lines for men; Uno and Shiseido Men.

I read online that the recovery cream and emulsion contain alcohol, so i received some samples from the sales to try.

Deep cleansing scrub – 125mL @$40AUD

Cleansers are the first item in a skin regime, and a good indication as to how the line performs. They only have two cleansers, one foam cleanser and an exfoliator.  I don’t like using foam cleansers, so i tried the exfoliator instead.  Before using this exfoliator, i was using the Armani Skin Minerals  Mud Scrub, two to three times a week.  Although the Armani was a bit rougher on skin, results were proved the following morning. Skin was noticeably much better.  The Shiseido however did not perform as their claims do.  Their scrub, supposedly is not rough and harsh on the skin, provides anti roughness and anti dullness to the skin.  After using the scrub, results were noticeably less beneficial than the Armani Skin Minerals.  Skin was much less smoother the following morning, the skin on my nose started peeling, and skin was less radiant.

Revitalizing emulsion – 100mL@$59AUD

The emulsion is quite watery, but after application it does feel quite oily.  There isn’t any alcohol scent, however the moisturizer dries rather quickly.  I don’t like the feel after application; it feels rather oily.  The packaging of the emulsion is rather nice; moisturizer encased in a glass bottle.

Moisturizing Recovery Cream – 50mL @$57AUD

The recovery cream is not very thick in texture, however it is EXTREMELY spreadable.  A small pea size could easily be spread thoroughly through your face.  Alcohol is also an ingredient in this moisturizer, so it dries rather quickly.  Both the emulsion and cream contain Thyotaurine, an ingredient that reduces sebum and oil production.  However, i didn’t find much difference with oil production.  This moisturizer however has no anti aging effects.

Yes, Shiseido is cheaper than Armani Skin Minerals.  However, the Armani line doesn’t contain any alcohol, and results are proven for me.

Rating: 4/10