The styled Lawyer

Bastards. Closed mind. Narrow minded. Boastful. Arrogant. Terms that we immediately think of when the word “lawyer” comes to mind.  we also imagine the wig, the robe, “old age”, and the usual black suit. Thanks to stereotypes, lawyers are not your “best” friend, and dress very plainly.

Although many lawyers do fit into the stereotypes, there are a few that stand out, especially appearance wise. Ariel Burman, is one of them.

Pretty much styled up by Ralph Lauren, he looks nothing a lawyer usually would! Forget the plain black suit and white shirts. Bring on the blue pants and white blazers, matched with some decent shoes and tie.  Eric’s look doesn’t leave a sense of whack and wild, but remains the professionalism of lawyers.  It’s edgy, stylish, AND professional at the same time.  You won’t feel singled out in society; although maybe in your firm.

Ok. I don’t like the shoes! I think…they’re very … urgh. Ew.