The reigning Uber Queens De-throned!

China, have once again taken home the Uber cup in 2012.  Having held the cup from 1996 – 2008, losing out to the Koreans in 2010 was a big disappointment and upset to the Chinese.  After two years of “humble” dominance in the international tournaments, China strikes back in the finals, de-throning the previous champions, 3 -0.

The excitement of the final burdened upon Wang Yi Han and Sung Ji Hyun.   Wang, accused of the fault for the loss of the uber cup in 2010, made a shaky start to the first set.  Despite leading 14-8, Sung Ji Hyun made an unstoppable run of 13 straight points, consequently claiming the first set.  The second set was very much deja vu, with Wang leading 11-8 mid-way, and once again falling behind 16-20.  The 24 year old received no sign of approval from the coaches and team mates during the nerve wracking moment, and with the crowd’s silence, there was no one but herself to rely on.  Breaking through the mental stress and nerves, Wang brilliantly took the next 6 points, snatching the second set from Sung Ji Hyun 22-20. Lee Yong Bo apparently ran over to coach Wang Yi Han after the second set, which broke the boundaries of rules.  However, BWF did not broadcast the section, and neither did any referees interfere, thus the question is whether Lee Yong Bo actually went and coached Wang. Despite the controversy, the third set continued without hesitation.  The Wang everyone is so familiarised with, suddenly sprung back to life. Throughout the tournament, Wang’s performance seemed to be below her usual standard, and to see her full form return in the deciding set was just amazing! With much better net control, Wang’s regained her strength and speed, allowing her to execute her sharp slices, causing Sung Ji Hyun much distress.  In the end, Wang prevailed and gave China their first point, [21-13].

If anyone had problems with LYB coaching Wang, why isn’t there a problem with Sung fist pumping continuously at the Chinese team and Wang herself, during the match point in the second set?  The fist pumping was obviously directed at the player, which the “rules” state are not allowed.  Jill Clark, the commentator of BWF loves to pick up the faults on the Chinese, however never other countries.  This woman is not only biased, but sounds so annoying, that i could seriously punch her in the face, and gladly say i did it!

After an intense first match, the second and third match couldn’t compare with the immense excitement.  Wang and Yu, although rather slower than usual (Yu), overpowered the Koreans Ha/Kim 21-15, 21-13.   Wang Xin’s impressive ability to change the direction of the shuttle, coupled with her superior cross court slice drops, out manoeuvres most world class players, as shown against Bae, 21-10 21-16.

So, the question in mind, can China keep their name on the Thomas Cup for a 5th time in a row? The Chinese ladies have fought back valiantly to regain their well deserved Uber Cup, and on paper, it looks as if the men are ready to hold the cup once again!