Ettusais Homme – Acne Skin Care line

Ettusais, a Japanese skin care label, is now spreading it’s popularity throughout asia, especially in Hong Kong and Singapore.  The Japanese are extremely well known for SK-II (established in 1980) and Shu Uemura. How well does Ettusais, the lower end brand compare to SK-II and Shu Uemura?

The homme range has been quite an established line in Ettusais, however various products have been pulled in the Hong Kong market. Many would suggest that the homme line is not selling well in HK, consequently, the removal of various products.  However, some of the products pulled from Hong Kong are still in the Singapore market.

Ettusais was the first skin care line i ever used.  A friend of mine recommended it to me when acne was a real issue, during my young teen years.

1. Acne Clear Soap 100g

I hate soap bars. Seriously, there’s nothing more irritating than trying to foam up enough soap, and then wash your face with it.  Also, soap seems unhygienic. A relatively cheap facial cleanser, and it’s smell seems quite nice despite not having any fragrance. However, i find it cleans excessively.  After cleansing, skin feels rough and dry, as if everything good and bad has been washed off.  Unless your face is drenched in oil, this cleanser seems to be too harsh on the skin.

2. Acne Water 100mL
– 3 types

I have no clue as to what these are for.  The sales told me it was not a toner, but instead a moisturizer. But, i used it as a toner, because it felt like one! I have combination skin so i used the acne oil block water. Apparently there’s alcohol in it, but i can’t smell any.  It was a very refreshing and cooling product to apply, but it’s use is rather unknown! These days, i just use the bottles i have left as a mid-day toner, wiping off any excessive oil produced throughout the morning.

3. Moisturizer 50mL

An oil free moisturizer, perfect for those with combination/oily skin.  It has a lightweight texture, and is in a clear liquid form. Quite hygienic, as it comes in a pump.  Two pumps should be enough to cover the entire face.  The hydration effect is ok. Ettusais claims that is provides a matte finish, which i clearly don’t remember seeing! For a daily hydrator, this moisturizer would be recommended.
4. Acne Clear Spots 15mL
Very similar to the clinique acne spot gel.  If you apply it to broken skin, it does sting! The antibacterial effect is pretty much alcohol, because i could smell it.  At first, it provided results, however as time went on, results seemed to disappear.  These days, i use acne gels as a mind comforter, as i no longer believe they work.  Instead, it helps my brain think that “i’ve done something to get rid of acne”, which makes me pleased.
5. Acne Whitening Spot 15mL
Apply it to acne scars and it brightens the spot! That’s what it claims to do. Results, are otherwise.  No effect in clearing acne scars.  Used for over 6+ months, and scars were still visible.  Scar diminishing creams seem to be a fraud in my point of view, as Clinique’s corrector also turned out to be useless.
The homme line seems to be for daily skin care regimes. The acne prevention and treatment doesn’t really seem to work, and there aren’t any other benefits besides hydration.
Overal Rating: 5/10