Guildwars 2 Classes

So, everyone from GW1 has probably had a chance to play GW2, either during the Meta or Beta events! For me, GW2 shows drastic improvement from GW1, however keeping the history of Tyria in place, allowing players from GW1 to feel the connection between both games.  The combat is also greatly altered, with the new attacking whilst moving.  Energy has also been erased, whilst cool downs remain. So, after playing the game/or watching youtube videos, which profession is your favourite?

The classes i played are:

Mesmer: the profession, that is nothing but different compared to GW1. With illusions, phantasms and a gun, this class is exceptionally versatile, and a joy to play!

Engineer: Chemist holding a flamethrower. Now thats chaos for you! This new profession is so easy to control and play, it really adds a different element to the game!

Elementalist: The number of skills is unbelievable, with a weapon slot holding 16 skills alone! From healing, to defence to damage, the elementalist is extremley versatile. A damage dealer, and a healer in one!

Guardian: a different version of a paladin, but better!! The use of symbols (reminds me of Kingdom Hearts trinity skills) to provide extra boosts to the player themselves, or give the boons to surrounding players.  This class can deal damage, and provide the support needed to win a battle!

By far, my favourite is the Mesmer.  The different style in play is so unique and dynamic, players really feel the sense of a different mesmer compared to GW1.  GW1 mesmers were generally disruptors.  GW2, they are damage dealers, and boon/condition dealers.  When its 2 against one, summon three illusions and the whole fight can be turned around 180 degrees!