Give yourself radiant skin for $0

For most guys, skin care isn’t an essential in their life, however for those whom do take care of their appearance, it really feels like a tiring job! My routine, is rather less complex than many other dudes, yet a bit more complex than some other guys. So, i guess mine is an “in between” complexity regime.


1. Cleanse or Exfoliate (night/ every 2-3 days)

2. Clay Mask (night/ every 3-4 days)

3. Toner and Hydration Mask (night/ every week or two if i remember)

4. Eye Cream/serum

5. Serum (less in morning, more during the night)

6. Moisturizer – a cream (more during the day, less during the night) and two gels (one’s extra hydration, the other pore minimizing.)

 Gosh, twice a day, this really is tiring and time consuming! But to achieve better looking skin in the long term, these sacrifices need to be made. But how long, should “long term” be? A few weeks? A month or two? Or maybe a year?  Skin will never settle down unless you keep up a good skin regime and life style! Although my skin regime isn’t too complex, it isn’t necessarily simple as well. It does take me up to 15+minutes when i’m not in a rush, and maybe 10 or so minutes if i’m rushing.

So has skin become better? After changing from my whole regime of Kiehl’s to the Armani Skin Minerals and Lancome’s visionnare toner, skin is noticeably smoother and radiant. Acne marks have already been lightened, and complexity is much better! However, my skin doesn’t always turn up as well as it may on another day.  Despite the improvement from the new products i use, some days the improvement is less noticeable than others. Why so?

Well, temperature could be a part of it, and also diet as well. However, the days my skin is noticeably much better, is when i sleep for 10+hours!!  For me, college/uni starts rather late some days, and as of right now i’m on holidays, so i sleep a minimum of 9+hours every day! When i wake up, my skin feels extra smooth, less dull and acne & scars are less visible!

Sleep really does do your skin wonders!! I tested this theory out, where i slept for only 4 hours and 7 hours. Waking up after 4 hours, skin looks rather dead, even serums and moisturizers didn’t save it.  After 7 hours of sleep, skin is much better than from 4 hours of sleep, however still not as radiant as 10+hour sleep gives!

So, are skin products necessary, if sleep gives me such amazing results?  That is all a matter of personal choice.  Although a cleanser and moisturizer are recommended, they are not necessities.  Many choose to clean their face with water.  Skin products just aim to help your skin improve, however they do cost money;  Sleep does not! So for those of you who want better looking skin, you better start sleeping more!! And that doesn’t include afternoon naps!