Major “Uber” Trouble

World Number 1 & 2 doubles pairings of China seem to be on the verge of collapse. Facing Indonesia’s relatively young and unknown pairs, China’s dominance in ladies doubles seemed rather non-dominant.

Has the pressure finally caught up with the ladies? From yesterday’s performance it seems so.

Tian and Zhao’s formidable rotation and net play were no where to be seen, and with their defence out of form, the 2nd ladies doubles was a real fright. Although credit goes to Indonesia’s youngsters, Tian and Zhao seemed out of form, as if the pressure finally collapsed on them.

With no game today against Germany, can Tian and Zhao play in form when required, that is if one of their team mates loses a match?

Wang and Yu’s attack was slightly weaker than usual, having not as much penetration as usual. Coupled with unforced errors, various miscommunications,  the 1st ladies doubles stumbled quite a bit.

As again in today’s match against Germany, 2nd game was passive and slow, not the usual style played by the two. Mixed with unforced errors and miscommunication, a 3rd set was required to finish off the Germans.

Wang Shi Xian’s constant unforced errors, along with her incapability to execute her signature cross cut shot, puts her in a position of fear and insecurity.  Her spot at the olympics is still questionable, and with several rather out of form matches, the upcoming and stable Li Xue Rui is more likely to take the 3rd spot. As in today’s match against Germany, she wasn’t fielded. Are the Chinese disappointed in her?

Will the Chinese ladies be able to play themselves back into form? Or will this form latch on to them, causing another major upset against them? Korea has already beaten them once in 08′, then having both ladies doubles (yu/du & ma/wang) out classed, and Yi Han’s singles wiped clean.