Will it be a Wang or The Li who get’s left behind in China?

The big dilemma: Which three of the four will be sent to London, and which one stays home?

Li Xue Rui, Wang Yi Han, Wang Xin & Wang Shi Xian

Narrowly making it to the top four in the world, Li is now one of the four girls to be selected to play in the next olympics. Wang Yi Han and Wang Xin are very likely to be selected, as Yi Han isthe reigning world number 1, and a possible retirement after the olympics for Xin. So who goes, and who stays home?

Wang Shi Xian has had quite a bad run in the past year, losing out the Julian Schenk in the India Open, and Saina Nehwal in the Swiss Open.  Her only semifinal was in the Asia Championships, losing out the the eventual runner up, Wang Yi Han. The shocking result came from today’s uber cup match against Indonesia, where she trailed 11-5, and lost 21-17 against an unknown.

Li Xue Rui, contrastingly has been crowned champion in the India Open, Asian championships and All England; all which have helped with her sudden rise in the world rankings.