Lancome – Visionnare Pre Correcting Advanced Lotion

Lancome’s visionnare Pre Correction Advanced Lotion contains a molecule of 12 years research, designed to penetrate the skin layers, triggering a cascading series of micro transformations.  On the surface, pores and wrinkles appear to be minimized, and any signs of spots appear to be diminished. Lancome has tested this range on multiple races, and states that it has been specifically tested on asian skin.

The basic concept of a toner is to prepare the skin for the moisturizer and serum, and at the same time also remove any unclean spots on the face. After toning, the face should feel a lot smoother and refined. Does Lancome’s visionnare live up to a toner’s usage?

Firstly, the packaging is very boring; no box, only a clear plastic wrap around the bottle. The bottle itself doesn’t look half bad, and the aqua color looks quite nice. Secondly there’s fragrance in the toner. For me, it smells a lot like rose, so typically it’s designed for women.

After using this toner for a week or so, i have noticed a difference in skin complexion.  Comparing it to Kiehl’s, my face feels a lot smoother after application, and pores appear to be minimized.  Acne spots are still visible, however i was told for it’s full effect it would take 28 days or so. But as for now, skin really feels much better, especially in the morning.

Cons. Well, it was $70AUD, a bit more expensive than the Kiehls, however cheaper than the Armani skin minerals. It’s an ok price i guess. I expected it to be in the $50 range, however its actually $70~. Would i recommend it? Well for a toner and it’s effect on skin, yes. For skin spots, not sure yet. Ill have to update this page in a month if i remember to!

Rating (pore minimizing and refining of skin):  7.7/10