Badminton’s prestigious event – Uber and Thomas Cup

Held once very two years, the Uber and Thomas cup are the most prestigious events/tournaments in international badminton. With teams representing various countries worldwide, it has been over 50 years since the birth of these events. In 2010, China (2008 holders) took out the Thomas cup once again. The major upset however came from China, being the holders of the cup since 1998. They were ousted by the South Koreans, 3-1.

So in 2012, who will be the winners?

China have dominated both events for the past years, and it is no doubt they are the favourites for 2012. Korea’s Uber team is relatively weaker than 2010, and with China putting in their world number 1-4 players, it is highly likely that China will once again be crowned the Uber Cup. The likely final, will once again be between China and Korea.


5:0 OR 4:1

WS1 – Wang Yi Han v Sung Ji Hyun

WS2 – Wang Shi Xian/Xin v Bae Youn Joo

WS3 – Wang Xin/Li Xue Rui v Hwang Hye Youn

WD1 – Wang Xiao Li/Yu Yang v Kim Min Jung/Ha Jung Eun

WD2 – Tian Qing/Zhao Yun Lei v Kim Ha Na/Kyung Eun Jung

The men’s team, however has been questioned greatly. Men’s doubles is the most varying discipline, with pairs from Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Denmark that are equally parred with China’s number 1 pair, Cai/Fu. China’s number 2 pair Chai/Guo are arguably too weak to hold out in the tournament, so it all rests upon the current world number 1’s Cai.fu. Men’s singles seems to be more steady than men’s doubles, with 3 of the top ranked singles players [Lin/Long/Jin] in position. Although China has the biggest chance in being crowned the Thomas Cup once again, Korea and Denmark seem to have the highest possibility in taking out the Chinese. It seems that the likely final will be between Korea/Denmark and China.


4:1 OR 3:2

MS1 – Lin Dan v Lee Hyun Il

MS2 – Chen Long/Jin v Shon Wan Ho

MS3 – Chen Jin/Long v Lee Dong Keun

MD1 – Cai Yun/Fu Hai Feng v Lee Yong Dae/Ko Sung Hyun/Yoo Yon Seung

MD2 – Chai Biu/Guo Zhen Dong v Lee Yong Dae/Kim Sa Rang/Kim Ki Jung

[Shon Wan Ho ousted LCW in the India Open 2012. Maybe he can oust CJ or CL.]


4:1 OR 3:2

MS1 – Lin Dan v Peter Gade

MS2 – Chen Jin v Jan O Jorgenson

MS3 – Chen Long v Viktor Axelsen

MD1 – Cai Yun/Fu Hai Feng v Mathias Boe/Carsten Mogensen

MD2 – Chai Biu/Guo Zhen Dong v Jonas Rasmussen/Mads Conrad Petersen

[MD1 and MS2 could go either way, however the prediction is based on the last head to head.]