“Whacked” – Brain booster!

Okay. So humans eat meat to gain energy. Herbivores eat plants to get energy. What if, you could eat something that gave you brain energy? For centuries, many people believe that eating certain organs of an organism, will benefit the consumer’s identical organ. So if you wanted a stronger heart, go eat some chicken hearts; a better liver, eat some chicken liver. What about your brain? Well then, fly all the way to China’s countryside, and feast yourself with some brain!

Monkey about to get it’s head cracked open

In China, Monkey’s brain is considered a delicacy, and a brain booster! Firstly, the monkey’s head is trapped, like the image above. Still alive, it’s head is cracked open, and boiling oil is poured in. Throughout this process, the only sounds heard are screeches of pain and despair. If this happened in Australia, a life imprisonment of animal cruelty would more likely occur, instead of a feast to improve your brain power.

Gruesome images of monkey brains can be searched up on google. This blog doesn’t need to get any more gross and disgusting.