“Whacked” – The church that “loves” you by hating on you!

“Westporo” baptist church.

The loving members, the kind hearted head of the church “Dred Belps”, the fantastic spoofs of pop songs, and the supportive protests made by the church. As messengers of god, sent down to earth to communicate the message of the lord himself, the church really has been deemed as the most respected church of the United States.

Really? Really bitch?! No. Sorry. Wrong Church. Actually its the Westboro baptist church. Thats the church we’re talking about. The hateful members, the ice cold head of the church Fred Phelps, the eye gorging spoofs of pop songs, and the depriving protests, the church really has been deemed as the most hated church of the United States.

this dude apparently was a professor. looks more like a pedophile!

The people of Westboro are really the most hated family in America. Their pure hatred for homosexuals or as they state it “fags”, their love of cancer, and their joy when soldiers die. the Westboros are really sick to their brains. There isn’t a word in the english dictionary, filled with enough hatred to describe them!

Homosexual hatred, the love for cancer and the joy when soldiers die, the pure hatred of Catholicism and Jewish. How is it that this family can have members administered as legal practitioners, when their heads aren’t even screwed on properly?

Ok. So some people may hate these things too. However, i doubt anyone besides the 40 or so members of Westboro can hate all these things at one time. And even to an extent of hating your own flesh and bone? Two members of the church, females, were exiled from the church, due to their disbelief in the church. The church, however did not exile them. Instead, it was the parents of the two girls; parents that are stone cold.

So why does this family hate so many…things? Well the only supporting information they have is the bible. The bible, that everyone reads in church. Every time someone comes up with an argument, the members of Westboro say “The bible states…” so and so. Go watch the documentary of “americas most hated family” and you’ll see the bitch that everybody hates. That bitch, and her annoying motherf*****g voice, and ugly ass face and hair, always says “The bible states…”  blah blah blah. Well woman, let me tell you something. The bible for one, does not state anything, besides the actual text itself. Secondly, what you have read, and interpreted in your sick and disgusting manner is actually your subjective interpretation of the bible. The bible, does not state the love of cancer, or “god hates fags” anywhere. If you can find a statement in the bible that says “god hates fag”, well then the world has really come to an end. Seriously, call yourself a lawyer and you can’t even differentiate between subjectiveness and objectiveness?  You, are not only a disgust to society, but also to the legal system.

Bitch, ugly ass, hoe, cunt…anything else you guys wanna add?

Also, the bitch and her family really love to talk loudly, as if they’re like god….or something. You want a loud voice bitch? Go get a microphone. that ought to be loud enough for you. I know that everyone has their own subjective views on life, however don’t subjectively interpret the bible and then state “the bible states…” this or this BECAUSE THE BIBLE DOESN’T STATE WHAT YOU BELIVE IN!

The head, Phelps. Nobody’s gayer than his face!

Gosh. Sometimes i wonder why terrorists haven’t bombed this bitch yet. Or instead, rolled her over with a truck. Society would feel so much better…and everyone would be happier! I really can’t believe the clones she has produced. Her children, are exactly like her. Dumb, narrow minded, bizarre, f***ed in the head, and a let down to society. If people in her church can exile their own children, without even thinking of the 9 months of carrying  the baby, the years spent to raise the child, and the “love” given to to them, then really shoot them bitches!

Maybe one day i will meet this woman, face to face. Has anyone got any ideas as to what we should do to her? Cause really, i think we should throw some man milk at her. Give her a taste of it.. that nasty bitch.

To the people who say Nicki Minaj’s stupid hoe has no meaning, well now it does.