Nicki Minaj – Pop or Hop?

“It’s Barbie biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttcccchhhhh!!!!” ….. or am i Roman today?   How about Martha? I actually feel like a dungeon dragon. “Rarrgh rarrgh!

That’s right. Nicki Minaj, and all of her alter egos have revved up, and hit the industry hard with Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. Blessing [or cursing] the music scene with this album, Roman Reloaded is undoubtedly the hottest album of the year. With mixed reviews and various criticism, has Nicki hit a new lane, or fallen to the bottom lane?

1. Roman Holiday – The highly controversial grammy debut song Roman Holiday is surely one of a kind! Roman Zolanski; Minaj’s gay alter ego, spits “his” rhymes hard! “Worship the queen and you might get past, keep it real these bitches couldn’t wipe my ass!” Really, a top notch! Something different, something unique. 9/10

2. Come on a cone – Minaj has got big balls…and bigger than the boys she says! Rhyming her success, “Pink friday 2 milli, super bass triple plat, when you see me on Ellen, just admit that i’m winning”, Nicki really put her “dick in your face!” 8/10

3. I am your leader – No doubt, she is the reigning queen of rap, and she ain’t getting dethroned that easily! She really is The leader! 8/10

4.  Beez in the trap – Cruising along, and Beez comes on your song! This is undoubtedly one of the best tracks on the album. The music video, hot! A real reminisce of Nicki’s mixtape times! 9/10

5. HOV Lane – Bass is great. Rhymes are sick! Maybe not so “fuck you said bitch? fuck you pornstar!” 7/10

6. Roman Reloaded – “Nicki Pop! Only thing thats pop is my endorsement op” Maybe she’s more pop than her endorsement op, but listening to this, there’s nothing pop bout it! 7.5/10

7.Champion – Minaj talks bout her struggle from nothing to success. Another reminisce of her mixtape days. However, i cut the song after Drake, jus sayin. 7.5/10

8. Right by my side –  The beats good. Vocally, not so. (besides Brown) Auto-tune fixes the vocal weakness of Minaj, This flaw though is shadowed by her rhymes at the end of the song. 7/10

9. sex in the lounge – A song that i don’t listen to. There’s much more to her album than lounge sex. ?/10

10.Gun Shot – with a hint of reggae, this track is not so pop, but not so hop.  A song that i’d listen to IF it comes up randomly on my itunes. 6/10

11. Stupid hoe – So many dislikes! But yeah. I like! There’s nothing but repeating lines of “you a stupid hoe!”, and let me say, it does get stuck in your head! Perfect song to send to your hater! 7.5/10

12. Fire burns – very similar to her style in Save Me. However, another auto-tuned song. 7/10

13. Starships, Whip It, Automatic, Pound the Alarm & Beautiful Sinner – auto-tune, auto-tune, auto-tune. Very similar songs to each other. Only stand out is starships, and the sort of rap that goes along with it. 5.5/10

14. Marilyn Monroe – again, shows Minaj’s weakness in vocals. BUT, the concept and messages behind the song make it the best of her “singing” tracks! 6.5/10

Overall, the album was relatively good, however much of my rating is based on her hip-hop genre music, not pop. I guess that many people expected it to be another Kim like album, hard rap about her pussy and sex. However, Nicki really sets a different standard to female MCs.  Much criticism could have come from the high expectations of this album. No doubt, quality was amazing, however not what everyone believed it to be. This is Nicki’s own lane, her own standard, and her own style. If people want the classic rap and hip hop, find Kim. Just don’t forget, Nicki’s equally parred to Kim in classic rap!

Rating: 8/10