“IT” News – Slow cyclists BEWARE!! Don’t “Puck” with the Grouch!

Raised fists, launched a kick, pushed you off your bike!  Thats right! Cycle on that bike slowly and ill beat your ass for slowing traffic!

On the 28th January 2012, a woman in Ampney Coln near Bibury in Gloucestershire (England) assaulted a cyclist for blocking her way. Either this woman’s mentally unstable or she was in a hell of a rush! At around 12:30pm, she called the police in accusation of the cyclist assaulting her.

Damn! This woman’s persistent with her chase!

Ok. So the cyclist was rather slow in a country lane. Beep him! That ought to fasten him up! However, beeping didn’t seem enough for this feisty brunette! An online video surfaced, and many are claiming it to be the incident!  Video evidence shows that the cyclist is rather old, maybe 50+. So, what offences will this lady be convicted to? Or, will the cyclist be convicted for slow cycling?!

England, origin of common law, has very similar laws to Australia. Clearly, this unstable woman has assaulted the cyclist. She’s aggro, “mentally unstable” and a danger to public! LOCK her up at a mental facility! What if  the cyclist verbally assaulted her? If so, good on him! I wish he’d defended himself with a few blows to that “rouchy” face of hers! Let’s hope the man is older than 60 so an aggravated offence can be charged!

Wonder where she learnt her Kung Fu?

What are you’re thoughts on this grouch? For me, i’d love to take a swing at her head with a bat! Knock some sense into that dead brain of hers!

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