Guild Wars 2 – Stress Test Beta: May 15th 2012

Im tired, grumpy and nearly dead… Woke up at 3:30am (GMT-9)…what was i doing awake? Well, theres a stress test for GW2! IT ONLY LASTS 7 HOURS! There is no way i’m skipping this beta!

The most anticipated MMORPG, Guild Wars 2 is undoubtedly my favourite game! … and the only one i play. The beta test in April was a good sign of the quality of the game! With fantastic graphics and surreal environments, players experienced the depth of development and standard in GW2! It’s no wonder many others and myself are willing to wake up at 3! For you Americans; yea you lucky bastards, start at 11am…my USUAL wake up time!

So, what is my favourite profession? Im loving the Mesmer. The concept of this profession is similar to GW1, but the development and controls are a 180 degree difference! Illusion, swords, guns and more illusions! This profession just can’t get any better!

Doesn’t mean that i’ll only play the Mesmer! The guardian, elementalist and engineer have sparked a great deal of interest too!

So the beta just finished…. it’s rather depressing….