Kiehl’s – Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Mask Review

Kiehl’s provides a great range of products, allowing consumers to thoroughly choose their correct skin care regime!! For pore minimizing, Kiehl’s Rare earth range is the suggested line!!

1. Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Mask @$34AUD/125mL

Containing bentonite, an aluminium silicate clay, this mask claims to reduce the oils in the skin, whilst deep cleansing and minimizing pores!

The scent vaguely resembles clay, however it isn’t unpleasant by any means!  The texture is obviously a clay, but it’s rather thick. However, despite it’s thickness, application is rather smooth and easy! Kiehl’s have really done a great job on the texture of this mask!

An immediate reaction to this clay is the tingling sensation. The sales noted that the ingredients in the clay cause the tingling sensation, and by feeling the sensation, the product is supposedly doing it’s work!!

After leaving the mask on for about 10-15 minutes, it is clear that a clay mask does not crack, even when you talk or smile a lot! Washing off is rather easy (use warm luke water). After removal, it is clear that skin is much smoother, cleaner and pores minimized! Blemishes and pimples are also notably less inflamed and dark!

Another use of this clay is as a pimple treatment. Before going to bed, cover the pimple with this clay, and overnight the ingredients act to reduce the size/inflammation!

Results have been great so far! After using this clay mask for ~2 months, the tub is still ~80% full! It’ll last you quite a long time! Despite having sensitive skin, i have had no problems so far!

A con to this product is apparently it’s price. I find it rather cheap, however many users have stated that similar quality masks can be purchased at cheaper prices! To me, its a perfect price for an amazing product!

Rating: 9/10