“IT” Items – Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals Fall 10′: Biker x Tux Jacket

The collab between Scott and Originals has proved to be one of the most successful in the street/designer lane! Having established himself a signature “wing”, Scott’s fame has undoubtedly risen like a flame! However, a flame can be extinguished when designs become rather absurd and “out of my mind”! Jeremy Scott, one of my Top favourite, and one of my Top disappointed designers.

The Hanger Appeal collection of 2010A/W. Despite my love for this collection, the fire for Scott seemed to dim as the years went by.

Three of my favourite styles in the 2010 A/W Hanger Appeal Collection!

Fashion is subjective. Everyone is unique in their own style, some like Jeremy and some don’t!

I, did like Scott.

Despite the disappointment, Scott has left some arguably stylish and extravagant designers in my closet. One of my favourites, comes from the Adidas x Jeremy Scott Fall 10′ collection. The Biker x Tux jacket

@$2100HKD via Adidas Originals Concept Store

Some say, this jacket is absurd [like my mom], whilst others love it! [I choose to love it]. The concept is unique. Biker jacket cut and a tuxedo element incorporated; crafted in a cotton [instead of leather]; this jacket really stands out from the usual 3 striped tracksuits! Match it with track pants, or some dark colored jeans and your good to go! Stylish, unique, and relatively casual; this really adds an element into your style!

Although it is relatively old, it is still one of my favourite garments in my closet. The opposing elements of a biker jacket and a tux, really makes it a unique piece of clothing!

What are you’re thoughts on Jeremy? A designer that’s still the hype, or is he an extinguished F[l]ame?

Note: all photos are property of Jeremy Scott.