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Stressed out? Majorly pissed off at someone? Tired? Or maybe you just want a feeling of calmness? Look no further, because DUSK aromatherapy will soothe your needs!

Using essential oils, volatile plants and aromatic compounds, aromatherapy is the alternative to medication to soothing one’s mind!  Using scent to target the brain, and the inclusion of essential oils with pharmacological effects, aromatherapy is used by many. Although aromatherapy itself isn’t a cure for stress and other moods, the concept behind it is to support the body in finding a way of relaxation.

Maybe the scientific evidence is lacking…. but still it smells good and helps your body feel relaxed. That’s good enough ain’t it?! Pay a bit more and you’ll buy yourself a candle and decoration!

1. Aromatherapy melt pack (10) @$27.95AUD via Dusk Online

Designed for use with oil burners, this pack of melts provides a variety of aromas, soothing and calming your body from a range of moods!


Awakening – tangerine & lime
Calm – lavender & rose
Harmony – geranium & lavender
Love – rose
Meditation – juniper & frankincense
Passion – ylang ylang & patchouli
Rejuvenate – rose & tangerine
Spirituality – rose geranium & sandalwood
Stress Relief – lavender
Well Being – tangerine & lavender

Burning time (individual melts): ~10hours 

2. Stress Relief Candle @14.99AUD via Dusk Online

A time of exams, cram study and more cram study. Currently, the “IT” candle i’m sniffin.

 The scent of lavender is not excessive, and suitable for calming the body’s senses, brining a balance back into life.

Burning time: ~55Hours

3. Relaxation Candle @$14.99AUD via Dusk Online

After an intense session of cram study, the body is in need of relaxation.

Infused with Ylang Ylang derived oils [a tall tropical tree with large, tender and fragrant pink, mauve or yellow flowers], indulge yourself in a state of serenity!

Burning Time: ~55Hours

Need help in relaxing your body?

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