“IT” Shows – Givenchy Spring 2012

Givenchy’s Spring 2012.No doubt, favourite runway of the year so far!!

Walking down the runway in white, ivory and army green garments, symmetrical paradise prints “flashed” at your eyes. Models wearing a range of tees, baseball caps, sweats, bombers, shorts, jackets; each splashed with vibrant colors of energy, Givenchy showed how aesthetically exuberant they are!

Army green outfit compliment by purple heels – Stunning!

Each garment’s individual elements complimented one another so well; paradise prints contrasting the white garment, the blending of colors when printed on army green garments, the symmetry in print, or the flow from top to bottom, the entire collection seemed to be flawless!

The flow from top to bottom is just seamless!

Note: images are property of Givenchy.

Source: STYLE.com