“IT” Items – Eyewear

Eyewear is no longer an aid for vision and protection from UV. Fashionistas worldwide, have noticed the recent trend in unique eyewear, whether its the return of the 50’s cat eye, or the vintage round circle sunglasses.

Not too keen on fashion? You could always go back to the classic Ray Ban Aviators. It’s near impossible to look bad in a pair of Ray Bans. What about the fashion forward people? A pair of studded A-Morirs? Or maybe a pair of shields from Maison Martin Margiela? Trust me. Not anyone can look good in those. You either nail it… or you “whack” it. So if you think you’ve got what it takes to nail a pair of these, why not show the world you can?

1. A-MORIR – Barracuda

Hand crafted with black painted studs, surely you won’t see these around your regular shops! People can’t see through them… but you can!

2. A-MORIR – W.O.W

Thats right. You want 100% UV protection. You got it…. man you can’t even see through them! Not really a pair of sunglasses…instead an accessory to put on…when your not walking or driving! Still. It’s listed as eyewear.

3. Maison Martin Margiela – L’Incognito: Mono Lens Sunglasses

With no curves but the edges of the frame, this pair of sunglasses sit right on top of your nose. Although it’s quite old, i haven’t see many people wearing it. Think you could pull it off?

4. Maison Martin Margiela – L’Incognito

Something that looks futuristic… and.. sorta like technology??? This android like pair of eyewear is one of the top “IT” items, despite it’s release in 08.

Sunglasses? An everyday part of my life. Whether it’s to protect my eyes or just as an accessory, i don’t leave the house without a pair on! Oh wait..it’s raining. These sunnies ain’t coming off i tell you!

Note: all photos are property of A-MORIR and Maison Martin Margiela